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Whether you were accused of mail fraud or wire fraud, it is essential you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer representing you to protect your rights. Mail fraud refers to any fraudulent scheme to intentionally deprive another of money or property via the United States Postal Service or other mail carrier. Wire fraud is a scheme to obtain money using electronic communications, normally the internet or telephone. We have also handled cases involving radio, television, mass marketing fraud, investment fraud, and telemarketing fraud.

In order for the Federal court to convict a suspect of wire or mail fraud, they must prove the defendant willfully participated in a scheme and was aware of its fraudulent nature. In addition, the prosecution must prove the defendant used the mail or interstate carrier for that purpose. It doesn’t matter if the scheme was successful. Even if no money was obtained, the defendant could be prosecuted based on their intent. This is why it is critical to have an educated attorney who is able to persuade the court with a powerful defense based on experience.

Penalties for mail & wire fraud vary based on the amount of monetary loss, intended loss, number of people involved, and the use of creation of false identities. Mail & wire fraud charges are often coupled with other offenses such as bank fraud, consumer fraud, and insider trading. Our attorneys are able to handle cases involving numerous charges.

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