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Facing a criminal tax investigation by the IRS is a very serious matter, and criminal tax evasion and tax fraud can have strict punishments. If you have been accused of tax evasion the best thing to do is contact a lawyer immediately. Do not talk to the Internal Revenue Service without an attorney to represent you. Trying to take them on alone without legal advice could end up costing you jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

The Internal Revenue Service has a Criminal Investigation Division (CID). This division is responsible for conducting investigations against individuals who are suspected of tax fraud. CID investigators are employed by the IRS and have been trained with government tactics and techniques to uncover tax fraud. They are highly educated in tax laws and accounting, making them very determined to detect any foul play. CID will conduct long interviews with your family, friends, and business acquaintances. Without sound legal representation, you may be risking your freedom.

Noah Munyer Attorney at Law are here to guide you through the legal process if you have been charged with tax fraud. We are experienced in these cases and qualified to take on the IRS in order to protect your freedom. Because we are familiar with the CID, we are able to strategize the best angle to take for your case using facts of your unique situation.

Taxes can be confusing to file. There are many opportunities for error because they are so complex. Individuals may unknowingly and unintentionally make mistakes on their taxes. Our attorneys understand that mistakes happen. We are able to help convince the IRS that our clients did not intentionally engage in criminal conduct.

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