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The most common types of healthcare fraud are Medicare and Medicaid. As these programs grow with more participants, the opportunity for fraud is increasing. To make matters worse, the application and payment processes can be confusing, creating more opportunity for mistakes. Sorting through these cases can be a complex matter and require the dedication of a criminal defense lawyer familiar with healthcare laws and fraud accusations.

Healthcare Fraud schemes vary from a simple submission of a false claim for reimbursement to complex schemes involving hospital overhead costs and pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare fraud is usually reported against medical professionals such as doctors, therapists, nurses, and medical secretaries. However, we also defend patients accused of healthcare fraud such as providing incorrect information to obtain benefits.

We Represent Clients Facing Healthcare Fraud Accusations such as:

  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Billing for procedures or services that weren’t actually received
  • “Upcoding” or billing for more expensive services than the patient received
  • Submitting a duplicate claim to the patients medical insurance carrier
  • Tax Fraud Violations
  • Over Prescribing Controlled Medication
  • Internet Pharmacy Violations
  • Providing false information to obtain benefits

Under the Federal False Claims Act, healthcare fraud whistleblowers can receive a reward for reporting offenders. The government put this reward program in place to encourage more people to speak out against offenders. These whistleblowers have helped the government recover over $15 billion dollars in healthcare fraud.

The penalties can be harsh, including loosing your license, prison time, steep fines, and a permanent criminal record. If you have been accused of healthcare fraud by a whistleblower, insurance company, or federal agency, you need and experienced healthcare fraud lawyer. We conduct our own investigation using evidence from the case to devise a strategy that we can use to defend our client. Our healthcare defense team has years of experience and know how to get results.

Noah Munyer Attorney at Law will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case to find details and evidence that will strengthen your defense. We attempt to find inconsistencies or contradictions in the prosecutors argument that we can exploit. Healthcare Fraud cases are document intensive, therefore, we may bring in experts in medical billing procedures and administration to demonstrate you did not intentionally engage in healthcare fraud using documentation if available. All of our resources will be used to their full potential to successfully defend your rights.

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