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Among some of the most serious, sex crimes have the ability to impact your entire life if convicted. They can leave a person with a social stigma that haunts them. The implications involved could include having to register in your neighborhood as a sex offender, restricted from being around minors, and loosing your job or having a hard time finding employment. It’s difficult enough to find employment with a clean record. It will be nearly impossible with a sex crime felony. Sex offenders are plagued with this label for the rest of their lives.

Prevent the “Sex Offender” Label

Individuals accused of crimes such as rape or molestation could spend the rest of their life being punished for something they did not do. It’s important you have a lawyer with the skills necessary to fight for your innocence.

We represent clients in all types of sex crimes such as:

Persuasive Representation is our Passion

It is critical you have a lawyer representing you who understands sex crimes and is prepared to defend you. We strategize our defense against the prosecutor by predicting the course they will take and then plan a strong retaliation based on facts and evidence in our clients favor. We investigate all avenues that may help prove our clients innocence. Persuasive representation is our passion, and it is shown in our track record of successful cases.

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Contact me today to discuss your case. We offer free consultations and are available to answer your questions. It is important to talk with an attorney immediately after being accused of a serious crime. If possible, you should hire a lawyer before speaking in depth with law enforcement or federal agencies. We know how to handle these agencies. It can make all the difference.

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