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If you are accused of probation violation, our number one priority is to keep you out of jail. We will attempt to persuade the judge to release you from jail while your case is pending by filing a motion for a bond hearing. The prosecutors have to prove the violation of probation or violation of deferred adjudication. In some cases, we can motivate them to give you a second chance and keep the terms and conditions of your probation the same.

Causes of Probation Violation

You may have missed a court ordered class, been charged with a new crime, failed a drug test, or failed to go to treatment. We understand these things happen. However, without a knowledgeable attorney on your side, you may end up in jail without bond until you have a revocation hearing before the judge. You do not even have the right to a jury trial.

Types of Probation Violation

There are two kinds of probation violation: substantive and technical. Substantive probation violation is when the accuser is arrested for a new criminal offense. This is more serious because the courts look poorly upon repeat offenders. There are more strict punishments for this violation and it is more difficult to defend these cases.

Technical probation violation occurs when you fail to meet the terms of your probation, such as court order obligations. Offenders may have missed a court date or failed to meet with their probation officer as scheduled. Technical probation violators face less serious punishment because they haven’t committed another crime. However, you are still looking at possible jail time, increased probationary period with more stringent conditions, and additional fines.

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