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Being accused of killing another human being is one of the most serious allegations you can face. It is both an overwhelming and frightening experience. If convicted, you could be facing life in prison or even worse, capital punishment. You need a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with homicide cases and has the patience and determination to fight for you.

Homicide is a broad term that can take many forms. It is defined as one human being causing the death of another. The terms homicide and murder are sometimes used interchangeably, but not all homicide is murder. In order to be classified as murder there must be no justification and it must be with malice aforethought. Some killings are lawful, such as when justified by self-defense. Many times the killing was unintentional and accidental.

We defend all cases of homicide including:

  • Murder
  • Aggravated Murder
  • Voluntary Manslaughter
  • Involuntary Manslaughter
  • Reckless Homicide
  • Vehicular Homicide

According to state law, there are four types of murder (1) intentional murder; (2) the intent to do serious bodily injury that resulted in killing; (3) a killing that resulted from a depraved heart or extreme recklessness; and (4) murder committed during act or attempt of certain felonies.

Aggravated Murder is the most serious form of homicide. It is equivalent to first degree murder. In order to prove aggravated murder, the prosecutor must prove the killing was done on purpose, with intention, and that it was premeditated.

Voluntary Manslaughter is not premeditated but was done with intention in “the heat of passion”. It is also referred to as non negligent manslaughter. This is a first degree felony.

Involuntary Manslaughter is killing without malice aforethought. There was no intention to kill the victim. Punishment is less severe because there was no intent.

Reckless Homicide is recklessly causing the death of another and is considered a third degree felony.

We Gather Evidence & Facts to Strengthen Your Case

Our job is to build a strong case based around various situations and gathered facts. You deserve a fair trial that looks into all facts and evidence. The State may improperly charge you with first degree murder when closer observation by experienced legal counsel shows proof of manslaughter, which is a less severe charge with not as harsh punishment. We are passionate about exercising the rights of our clients and do whatever it to make sure they don’t get charged for a crime they didn’t commit.

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