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Children may steal out of curiosity, peer pressure, or poor impulse control. For some minors, it’s a developmental stage they go through; they want it, they take it. Just because your child stole something doesn’t mean they are a bad kid or destined for a criminal future. It’s difficult growing up in today’s society with so much emphasis on material possessions. Minors don’t think about the consequences of stealing and how it can seriously affect their future if convicted.

Every Child Deserves a Second Chance

We believe every child deserves a second chance. We defend juveniles against all types of theft charges including burglary, shoplifting, receiving stolen property and auto theft. By understanding how prosecutors think we are able to anticipate the strategies they will use against your child in a juvenile theft case. We will then evaluate the best course of action to take whether it be seeking a plea agreement or defending your rights at trial.

We Obtain the Most Favorable Outcome

We conduct a thorough investigation of the facts and evidence to strengthen your case. Looking at whether the police had probable cause for any search, seizure, or arrest, we search for irregularities in order to exclude evidence and/or dismiss all charges. It is possible we can prevent theft charges from being filed against you, depending on the amount of evidence against you and the details surrounding your case.

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