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Juvenile sex charges are very serious and can have life changing implications on your child. We understand you want to make certain these charges do not impact your child’s future. Our attorneys defend minors charged with a broad array of sex charges including statutory rape, sexual assault, and pornography.

Internet sexual exploitation has risen, “sexting” has become popular, and it’s difficult to watch T.V or listen to music without sexual connotations. Many underage children accused of sexual crimes are unaware of the law and don’t realize they are committing a crime until it is too late.

For example: A 17 year old boy engages in sexual activity willingly with his 15 year old girlfriend, then the girlfriends parents press charges against the boyfriend. They were acting on youthful passions and impulse without the intent of breaking the law. The thought of having to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life does not seem fair.

Unfortunately, one mistake can label your child as a “sex offender” forever, making it difficult to obtain employment and be part of their community. We strive to prevent this from happening. Our attorneys are nonjudgmental and prepared to use any legal means necessary to protect your child’s future.

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