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Having your child accused of a crime can be heart breaking and cause turmoil in the family. Many of the rules, procedures, and defense strategies in juvenile court are different than adult court. There is no right to a jury trial and no right to bail. You need an experienced, compassionate lawyer who is familiar with juvenile offenses to represent your case. Normally, juveniles under 18 are tried as minors. However, in more serious accusations, such as murder or rape, they maybe tried as an adult.

Juvenile Practice Areas:

Juvenile Sex Crimes
Juvenile Theft / Shoplifting
Murder / Homicide
Drug Charges
Minor DUI
Domestic Violence

Police Interrogation of Minors

It’s imperative your child does not talk to law enforcement or provide any information because it may be used against them. Authorities commonly use manipulation in order to get information out of juveniles, especially when their parents are not around. The police are not required to inform a minor that they can request the presence of an adult, but they do have to abide by the request if asked. Law enforcement can lie, threaten, and trick minors when interrogating them. These are tactics used in hopes of getting your child to confess to the crime.

Protecting Your Child’s Rights

We are determined to protect your child’s rights and fight for the most favorable outcome. It takes a delicate balance of sensitivity and aggressiveness in order to connect with your child on a personal level and successfully execute a juvenile case with prosecutors. We are experienced with several juvenile criminal cases and have the resources to pursue your case through to the end. Your child deserves to be heard and understood. His or her freedom depends on having a serious lawyer who knows how to represent juvenile cases.

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