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Noah Munyer Attorney at Law has successfully represented individual’s accused of various drug offenses. We have the resources and experience to guarantee you receive the best representation in a court of law. The direction your case goes depends on the unique facts of your situation. We will work with you and guide you each step of the way during the legal process.

After gathering all information, we can build a case strategically that highlights the strengths of our defense and the weaknesses of the prosecutor. If we can prove the case lacks merit, it will be dismissed and you will be found not guilty. The prosecution and defense could reach a plea agreement in your best interest. The case may be tried in front of a jury or a judge without a jury. We strategize and aggressively execute the plan that will produce the most beneficial results for our client.

If this is your first drug offense, you have a better chance of less severe punishment. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Possession charges can be dismissed if they are under a certain quantity and you most likely will avoid jail.

Do not admit guilt or offer any information to law enforcement. Seek guidance from a lawyer before you talk. Law enforcement will encourage you to talk and tell you it will be easier to cooperate from the beginning. Do not listen. It is easier for them, not for you. Because you are not familiar with the laws, you may accidentally provide information that can harm you. Don’t fall victim to their tactics.

We are experienced in drug offense cases. Our skills show through in our proven track record of cases with successful outcomes. Unfortunately, many individuals don’t use a qualified lawyer to represent them and it ends up impacting the rest of their life.

A convicted drug charge will taint your permanent record and result in jail time, large fines, and could limit your career. Employers who do background checks and encounter a drug charge are less likely to hire you. It’s difficult enough to find a good job with a clean record, let alone with a drug offense.

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