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Counterfeiting refers to the crime of replicating or copying something with the intention of passing it off as genuine. While most people associate counterfeiting with money, there are many types of counterfeiting.

We defend various types of counterfeit crimes including:

  • Purses / handbags
  • Watches
  • Computer software
  • CD’s/DVD’s
  • Perfume
  • Luggage
  • Designer clothing

Legal documents:

  • Legal tender
  • State I.D’s
  • Diplomas
  • Military papers

Uttering is when someone that didn’t actually create the false item sells it to make a profit. They may have bought a large quantity from the creator for the purpose of reselling it at a profit. This is still a serious offense.

Penalties for counterfeiting and uttering crimes vary greatly depending on the quantity involved and the amount of advertising or soliciting you put into making sales.

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