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Judicial Release is granted by the sentencing judge as an early release very specific circumstances and conditions. Judicial Release is authorized by Ohio Revised Code Section 2929.20.

What is the Judicial Release Process?

Judicial release happens in two phases. First a motion is filed by the individual of his/her attorney. The motion is then set for a Phase I hearing. If the Court believes the person is a good candidate for consideration for early release the case is set for a Phase II hearing. This hearing is where person is brought back from the institution and the Court makes its final decision regarding release. If the person is granted Judicial Release they are generally placed on 1-5 years of community control or probation.

How we Help with Judicial Release

While it is possible to file for Judicial Release without an attorney (much like representing your own self at trial), it is always better if you use a trained and experienced lawyer to file any Motions with the Court. Noah Munyer knows exactly what needs to be included in a Motion for Judicial Release and they know exactly how to say it. When the subsequent hearing occurs, our attorneys will present all the reasons why you should be released in the most positive way possible.

Everyone does not qualify for judicial release and the timing of when you can file depends on the crime you were charged with and how the Court imposed the sentence.

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